NHA Graduates – Interview with Sherrill Wright

Q. What at first interested you about massage?

I was working in a very stressful job and needed a change of direction. Had no idea what that direction would be, but so many “coincidences” led me to massage and Natural Health Academy. Not least was a visit to a psychic who said I should be a massage therapist, and I finally started stopped laughing and listened to the universe.

It was so totally unexpected as I had only ever recevied one massage in my life and wasn’t into “touchy feely”. How wrong can you be?

Q. How long have you been massaging /or doing the work that you do?

I gained my diploma in Remedial Massage from NHAA in December 2008 at the age of 52. This was a great personal acheivement for me as I had a very poor education and had no qualifcations at all.

Q. What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I just love all of the work that I do. I have had the most amazing experiences with a wide range of clients, with a huge variety of symptoms and issues. Nothing makes me happier than a client who leaves after a treatment saying “that feels better”. I love trying to get to the “real” reason they are here, and the best compliment I can get is having someone call saying “You’ve been recommended by….”.

Q. What was your experience at the Academy like?

I really enjoyed studying at the Academy. The courses were run by well qualified staff, who actually worked in the field so not only shared their knowledge, but also their business experiences. Also, everyone of them had a great sense of humour, so the courses were never dull. And, post-graduate care is available, the staff are still happy to take my queries and I still attend for further training and seminars.

Q. How have your studies at NHA prepared you for clinical practice?

The curriculum covers all aspects of the training I needed to be a stand alone practitioner. It’s a bit scary when you first step out on your own, but I had plenty of course notes to answer most of my worries and I knew where to look for advice.

Q. What advice would you give to aspiring massage therapists?

You will not find anywhere to match the training at NHA. Peter & Pat have travelled extensively to bring advanced knowledge in their specialist fields and share it with the sutdents in NHA.The courses cover everything you need to get you out into the healing world, whatever your chosen direction of modalities.

Q. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The absolute highlight of my career so far, was attending the Hugh Milne Retreat at Nunyara. The retreat was to help those interested in advancing their Visionary Cranio-Sacral skills. I cannot beleive the difference attending the retreat and studying with Hugh has made to the treatments I do, and my clients have noticed too. Completely different, lovely approach to the way I treat and work, just breathtaking every day! It is only through Pat’s own studies and teachings that the Academy has the benefit of bringing teachers such as Hugh Milne to Australia to present advanced skills that benefit us practioners enormously, and I for one am extremely grateful.

Sherrill may be contacted at ntpages.com.au/sherrillwright
Clinic address: 22 St Lukes St, Port Elliot, 5212
Mb: 0431 709 863
Ph: 8554 2612